Your one-stop shop for unique, handprinted, personalized souvenirs and printing services in the heart of Longyearbyen, Svalbard!

Products and Services

Customized Sticker Printing
Have a design in mind? We can print it for you on high-quality stickers!

Photo Printing
Turn your cherished memories into beautiful prints.

Magnets & Photo Postcards
Transform your favorite designs, prints, or photos into magnets and photo postcards.

Collection of
high-quality, durable vinyl material that is resistant to water and wear, perfect for decorating your travel journals, water bottles, laptops, and more.

Handmade Linoprints in Two sizes (A4 & A5)
Handprinted POSTCARDS & handprinted wooden BOOKMARKS. All created from original illustrations & printed individually using the traditional method of linoprinting ensuring each one is unique & handmade!

All prints inspired by the incredible wildlife of Svalbard



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